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Large-scale Russian attack on Dnipropetrovsk oblast
12:36, 01.05.2023 |
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A Russian missile attack on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast has resulted in a strike, injuring 25 people, including three children. "The enemy attacked with missiles. Seven of them were shot down by the soldiers of the Air Command Skhid (East). But there were also strikes. The Pavlohrad district was hit. Preliminarily, 25 people were injured. Three of them are children." Serhii Lysak has noted that an industrial facility was damaged in Pavlohrad. A fire broke out there, which search and rescuers have already put down.
19 multi-storey residential buildings, 25 private houses, 6 school and pre-school education institutions, and 5 shops were damaged in a residential area.

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