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UN: Nearly 9,000 civilians have been killed and about 15,000 injured since the start of full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine
22:48, 09.05.2023 |
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Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 8,791 civilians have died and 14,815 civilians have been injured to varying degrees, according to a new report from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).
As of May 8, 2023, as the authors of the report specify, the death of 3977 men, 2367 women and 488 children has been confirmed. The sex of 1928 adults and 31 children who died during the specified period could not be determined. During this period, 4088 men, 2730 women and 742 children were injured.
The actual number of civilian deaths or injuries, the authors of the report clarified, is much higher, as many reports of alleged civilian deaths or injuries from some locations are still pending confirmation. Such settlements include Mariupol (Donetsk region), Lisichansk, Popasnaya and Severodonetsk (Luhansk region).
The largest number of deaths in the period from February 24, 2022 to May 8, 2023, according to the authors of the report, was recorded in March last year: then, as a result of Russian aggression, 4,102 Ukrainian civilians were killed and 2,988 people were injured. Since the beginning of 2023, the UN has recorded the death of 758 people in Ukraine, 2247 people were injured.
Most of the civilians suffered during the use of explosive weapons with a wide radius of destruction – 7297 people were killed, 14022 were injured. The UN explains that the real numbers of victims could be much higher.

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