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Nintendo closed access to the Russian official website
20:18, 31.05.2023 |
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Japanese game console developer Nintendo has restricted access to the company’s Russian website. This was reported in the press service organizations.
The company explained that the version of Nintendo eShop in Russia will work in limited mode. Starting May 31, 2023, Russian customers with a Nintendo Account will be able to re-download digital content they have already purchased.
“It will be impossible to create new Nintendo Accounts. Payment information associated with Nintendo Accounts has been removed for security reasons.

Nintendo back in March last year, temporarily stopped sales in the Russian market. And the eShop was transferred to maintenance status. This happened after the payment provider stopped transferring the transaction in rubles.

To date, it is known about the supply of the company’s goods to Russia under the parallel import scheme.
According to Izvestia, in March 2023, the paid repair of set-top boxes was suspended in the country. At the same time, the technical support of the company noted that the warranty repair of Nintendo devices officially imported into Russia is available.

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