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''The Power of One Dramik'': Idram Junior users donate
14:24, 05.06.2023 |
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Remember we told that the best news is yet to come? Now we are here to share them with you. "The Power of One Dram" is no longer one: the initiative is joined by "The Power of One Dramik", a program within the framework of which younger users donate.

Already from June 1, young users can donate by simply making their payments through the Idram Junior application. According to Idram director Arsene Kdenian, this is a great opportunity to teach young users the culture of charity. "We need not only financially literate, but also socially responsible generation. By launching "The Power of One Dramik", we want to teach young users to be charitable, to be aware of the challenges of the society in which they live. Our Junior users are already philanthropists: they didn't know yet, but for each of their payments, "one drams" were collected and they will join "The Power of One Dram" program", said Arsene Kdenian.

By the way, on the occasion of June 1st, Idram Junior personally participated in the events organized for children. On June 1st, a series of performances were shown at the Puppet Theater, during which Junior was present in the theater and helped to register in the Idram Junior application and go through authentication, and during this time the younger users were not left without a surprise.

Another bright event was held in Yerevan Park. Junior also managed to be here and help younger users to register and pass authentication in Idram Junior, in return to take coupons and receive happy and pleasant surprises directly in Yerevan Park.

Download the Idram Junior app now, register and join the charity culture with "The Power of One Dramik".


''The Power of One Dramik'': Idram Junior users donate
''The Power of One Dramik'': Idram Junior users donate
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