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Apple was testing an orange iPhone 15, but these are probably the final colors
00:24, 23.08.2023 |
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With the iPhone 15 being less than a month from being announced, a reputable leaker has shared the different colors Apple tested for this year’s standard versions, as he expects some of them to be available for the new iPhones.

According to X user @URedditor, Apple tested several colors for the standard iPhone 15 models, but some appeared throughout different development stages. They are:

Pink/Rose Gold/Blush Gold
Of all these colors, it’s interesting that Apple considered producing an orange iPhone 15. That said, it’s unlikely that we will see this color being released, as the leaker said there were inconsistent mentions of this option during different development stages.

On the other hand, we have heard throughout this year mentions of all the other colors, which include Pink, Green, Blue, and Midnight, which most likely means they are possibly being released.

At this moment, it’s unclear if Apple is planning to ditch the Starlight option, which is a bit white, a bit champagne color, and has always been available with the latest releases. (PRODUCT)RED option could also have been ditched by Apple. Early today, BGR reported on the possible matching braided USB-C color options for the standard iPhone 15 models, which include black, yellow, orange-pink, blue, and purple.

With that in mind, the URedditor leak corroborates some of the USB-C cables found by Kosutami. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait for the official release in September to discover all the colors.

That said, despite this new pink color, which has been a while since an iPhone was made available with that option, we’ll likely see familiar possibilities with this year’s iPhone 15 models.
Below, you can find everything we know about this upcoming release.

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