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Ukraine war: Three elderly people killed in Russian shelling, say officials
12:06, 23.08.2023 |
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Three people have been killed in Russian artillery fire near the eastern Ukrainian city of Lyman, Ukrainian authorities say.
Two people were also wounded in the strikes which hit the villages of Torske and Zakitne.
The three who reportedly died - two women and a man aged 63 to 88 - were sitting on a bench in Torske when shelling hit, officials said.
The area is close to the front line and regularly comes under attack.
"Three people were killed and one wounded in Torske, another civilian was wounded in Zakitne," the head of Ukraine's Donetsk region Pavlo Kyrylenko said on Telegram.
Torske was attacked at 18:50 local time (15:50 GMT) and Zakitne was hit half an hour later, the Donetsk regional prosecutor's office said on Facebook.

One person in Torske suffered injuries to their chest, shoulder and hip, the prosecutor's office said.
A 26-year-old man suffered a fractured skull and a concussion in Zakitne, it added.
Elsewhere, there have been reports of explosions in the port city of Sevastopol in Russian-occupied Crimea.
The peninsula's Russian-appointed proxy governor said the fleet was conducting firing exercises.
Meanwhile, four civilians were injured by mortar fire and a residential building was damaged by two drones in Seredyna-Buda, in the Sumy region of north-eastern Ukraine, the regional military administration said on Facebook.
Drones also hit grain storage facilities in the southern Odesa region, causing a fire to break out in one facility - though it was quickly contained, Odesa's regional governor Oleg Kiper said.
Odesa is Ukraine's biggest port and is a key location for the export of grain.

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