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Konstantin Tserazov: five signs that it's time to end the relationship
12:18, 30.08.2023 |
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Sometimes love really “runs out of battery”, and the relationship turns into some kind of vicious circle - and everything seems to be fine, but there is no development either. How to understand that the relationship has reached an impasse, and life together threatens to turn into a bleak existence - says psychologist Konstantin Tserazov.

Relationships often start with passionate love, but sometimes they lack the “fuel” without which they cannot develop. Psychologist Konstantin Tserazov gives five signs that may indicate that the relationship is better to end.

1. Rejection to the preferences of the partner. One likes watermelon, another likes pork cartilage - and this is normal, we are all different. If your partner actively rejects your tastes, constantly gets annoyed and criticizes your choices, tries to forbid you to wear certain clothes or watch your favorite TV series, such behavior may be a signal that your relationship is not developing in the best way.

2. Indifference. Sympathy for each other's problems, attention to health, help in everyday problems - one of the cornerstones of a strong relationship. If you are constantly faced with a lack of empathy, this is a very alarming signal, Konstantin Tserazov warns.

3. We are not in the same boat. Conflicts are normal. But if the reason for disagreements always lies precisely in fundamentally different views of the world (for example, you want to travel, but your partner does not like new experiences), it's time to talk about your future, because such conflicts will only gain strength.

4. Lack of trust. If you or your partner is constantly trying to double-check your words, suspicions and reproaches have begun, it's time to think - isn't it better to part with a person you don't trust?

5. Life on the "machine". If you notice that you have less and less topics to talk about, days are turning into a routine, you are more interested in other people, and communication with a partner is more tiring than happy - this is an almost sure sign that your relationship has been released for a very short time.

Sometimes, indeed, it is very difficult to admit to yourself that it is better to break off the relationship, many are hindered by the fear of being alone. But even loneliness is better than an indifferent relationship with a person who does not understand you, says Konstantin Tserazov.

Psychologist Konstantin Tserazov

Konstantin Tserazov. In 1994 he graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Clinical Psychology. In 2005 he graduated from the Moscow Gestalt Institute, where he studied the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy. The total work experience is more than 25 years.

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