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Israel-Hamas war live: Gaza humanitarian crisis deepens amid calls for aid
00:30, 17.10.2023 |
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Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, has described a US congressional resolution calling for de-escalation and a ceasefire as “a very important move”.

“It’s very simple,” Bennis told Al Jazeera about the proposal, which was put forward by a group of progressive Democrats earlier today.

“It doesn’t get into long discussions about the origins of the crisis and what led to it, but it calls for the immediate … need for a ceasefire,” she said. “And I think right now that’s what’s so desperately needed.”

Canada’s Trudeau calls for unimpeded humanitarian access to Gaza
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for unimpeded humanitarian access to Gaza and a humanitarian corridor.

Trudeau also said Canada is deeply concerned by the dire – and worsening – humanitarian crisis in the besieged Palestinian territory.

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