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The Power of One Dram for November to Greenhouses for displaced Artsakh residents
14:30, 08.11.2023 |
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Idram and IDBank summarize the October program of the "The power of one dram" initiative. During the previous month, the entire amount collected from the "one drams" transferred for each payment made by the Bank and Idram customers, the sum of which is AMD 3,580,216, was transferred to the "Hayordi" initiative.

We have already told you that in early October, as a result of the events in Artsakh, ''Hayordi'' took under its roof about 110 of our compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh and provided them with basic necessities, in order to slightly alleviate their situation.

The next program of "The power of one dram" is also dedicated to our compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh. During November, the accumulated amount from all payments made through the Idram and IDBank platforms will be transferred to the construction of greenhouses in Syunik for displaced Artsakh citizens. As a result of the recent incidents in Artsakh, more than 100,000 Artsakh residents were forced to leave Artsakh.

More than 5,000 of them found their new home in Syunik region. The goal of this project is to build greenhouses for 50 families living in Syunik region and change the lives of at least fifty families. The program is presented on the ReArmenia platform, with which Idram and IDBank signed a memorandum of cooperation a year ago.

Artak Grigoryan, operational director of the ReArmenia platform, says: "Many times we have witnessed the impact of ''The power of one dram'' by supporting important and good works in various fields. Today, all our attention is focused on integrating our compatriots from Artsakh and putting their lives on a solid foundation. We are glad that "The power of one dram" will support the project of providing greenhouses to the residents of Artsakh in Syunik this month. The project will allow Artsakh residents settled in rural communities to be self-sufficient and, to a certain extent, survive the latest disaster. The project will allow the people of Artsakh settled in rural communities to be provided with a stable source of income and to get back on their feet after the last disaster. I am confident that this cooperation will prove the effectiveness of joint and coordinated actions,'' Artak Grigoryan added.

You can also join this initiative by becoming a goodwill ambassador. For that, you just need to make all your payments through Idram and Bank platforms.


The Power of One Dram for November to Greenhouses for displaced Artsakh residents

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