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Glovo Launched the "The Courier’s Pledge" Program in Armenia
14:24, 10.11.2023 |
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Glovo, the leading delivery and courier service from Spain, is expanding its initiative known as ''The Courier’s Pledge'' to Armenia. This program, first introduced in Georgia and Morocco in October 2021, aims to provide enhanced benefits to the hardworking couriers who power Glovo’s delivery service.

On November 8 at Food Park by Downtown in Yerevan the program was launched.

Glovo offers its couriers a bonus system, stable income, flexible schedule, health insurance, and competitive salary. In addition to all these benefits, Glovo will provide its couriers with a broader set of benefits.

Social benefits include:

Fairer Earnings - Full transparency on fair earnings per hour to couriers, independent of the format of their work. ‘Loyalty bonus’ granted or exchanged for time off.

Improved Insurance Coverage (360º Safety) - Assistance with different types of accidents, third-party liability, and transport of goods, as well as sick leave benefit, maternity and paternity leave, and access to a ''Family Expense'' benefit.

Safety and Maintenance (360º Safety) - Road safety kits including helmets and reflective jackets to be made available to all couriers through Glovo Store, as well as access to bike and maintenance repair stations.

Proactive Management - Fair and accessible appeals process to all couriers disabled from the app, validated by an independent entity. Newly established channels allow couriers to collectively contribute to the decisions that affect their collaboration with the platform․

Caring for Couriers Community - Training courses available on entrepreneurship, business management, IT skills or languages to help couriers develop their professional skills and progress on their professional journey. An in-app SOS button was implemented in case of an emergency situation and an anti-discrimination policy was introduced to prevent harassment.

During the event, representatives of Glovo presented the details of the program and answered the attendees' questions. At the end of the presentation, the best couriers were awarded and received gifts. A pleasant reception followed the event, where the participants got to know each other and shared important ideas.

About Glovo

Glovo is a technology platform that allows you to buy, deliver, and transfer any item or product within the city. The company, which was founded in Barcelona, today operates in more than 1300 cities in 25 countries on three continents: Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. More than 5 million active users worldwide use the Glovo platform every month, orders are delivered by more than 70 thousand couriers, and the number of partners reaches 130 thousand. Each month, couriers on the Glovo platform deliver more than 20 millions orders in all countries where the service is available. For more information about Glovo, visit:

Glovo Launched the "The Courier’s Pledge" Program in Armenia
Glovo Launched the "The Courier’s Pledge" Program in Armenia
Glovo Launched the "The Courier’s Pledge" Program in Armenia
Glovo Launched the "The Courier’s Pledge" Program in Armenia
Glovo Launched the "The Courier’s Pledge" Program in Armenia
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