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#TheGuardian: EU plans fresh Russia sanctions including against son of Dmitry Medvedev
11:24, 16.11.2023 |
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The European Commission is proposing a 12th round of sanctions against Moscow, including restrictions on scores of individuals apparently including the son of the former president Dmitry Medvedev and a relative of Vladimir Putin’s.

Among the 47 individuals the commission wants added to existing sanctions lists are Putin’s cousin Anna Tsivileva, who chairs the “defenders of the fatherland” foundation that supports Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.
Also on the extended list is Ilya Medvedev, whose name and date of birth match those of the former president’s only son. He is targeted for allegedly orchestrating a disinformation and propaganda campaign in Ukraine.

The inclusion of the relatives of senior officials, including the Putin family, will provoke anger in the Kremlin.

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18:06, 12.02.2024
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