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#Politico: Biden's entourage wants to change his shoes to reduce the risk of falls
09:54, 21.11.2023 |
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The inner circle of the President of the United States Joe Biden worries about his age problems and believes that the American leader needs to be less under the cameras, as well as wear more comfortable shoes to reduce the risks of falling. This was reported by Politico.

The newspaper notes that the US president's inner circle is worried about his age, Biden turned 81 on November 20. In particular, it was proposed to limit the presence of the American leader under the cameras. The issue of changing shoes for the head of state to a more comfortable one was also discussed. According to the publication, such a measure will minimize the risk of falls, and will also help make the president's gait "less constrained."

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18:06, 12.02.2024
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