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Finland prepares to completely close eastern border with Russia
20:12, 21.11.2023 |
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Finland prepares to completely close the eastern border with Russia amid ongoing irregular migrant influx into the country from the Russian side, local media reported on Tuesday.

As soon as related preparations are completed, the government will convene in an extraordinary session to approve the closure of the Russian-Finnish border, according to the Ilta Sanomat daily.

"In doing so, Finland wants to send a very clear and robust message to Russia. We will not bow before Russia’s hybrid warfare," a government source told the daily.

The closure of four border crossings last week did not create the desired effect, the source said, claiming that Russia continues to push the irregular migrants into Finland through border crossings which remained open.

On Nov. 16, Finland announced its decision to close four border crossings with Russia from midnight of Nov. 17 in response to suspicions that Russian officials had allowed undocumented asylum seekers to arrive at the Finnish border in growing numbers.

The following day, Helsinki issued another statement warning that the government was prepared to take additional action if the decision to close four border crossing points did not help calm the situation on the eastern border with Russia.

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