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Germany announces second Ukraine military aid package in two days
22:48, 23.11.2023 |
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Germany has announced a new batch of military aid for Ukraine, which includes armored vehicles, a mine-clearing tank, ammunition, and trucks, Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported on Nov. 22.

Germany will provide Ukraine with 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, each with a full complement of ammunition. Additional elements of the package include:

- One Winsent-1 mine-clearing tank;

- Five Warthog Ambulance track carriers;

- 2,380 155mm artillery shells;

- 2,428 encrypted radios;

- Two HX81 8×8 heavy-duty recovery trucks;

- Two semi-trailers;

- Nine various transportation vehicles;

- Two ambulances.

The German Defense Ministry added that the total sum of military aid provided to Ukraine in 2023 amounts to EUR 5.4 billion ($5.88 billion).

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During his visit to Kyiv on Nov. 21, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced an additional package of military assistance that included IRIS-T air defense systems, drones, and artillery shells.

He had earlier confirmed Berlin’s plans to increase security assistance to Ukraine in 2024.

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