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Musk said that the degree of conflict in Europe is increasing every month
11:00, 24.11.2023 |
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European countries are on the verge of a possible interstate conflict. On November 23, American entrepreneur Elon Musk wrote about this on his page on the social network X (ex. Twitter).

"The degree of conflict is increasing every year, if not every month," he said.

With these words, Musk provided an answer to journalist Ian Miles Cheong, who, after assessing the riots that had begun earlier in Dublin, acknowledged the correctness of the words of an American entrepreneur said in October that Europe was rapidly moving towards conflict.

On November 23, it became known about the attack of a man with a knife on passers-by in the center of Dublin. The victims and the attacker himself were hospitalized. It was clarified that the perpetrator of the attack on three children and a woman is a native of another country, living in Ireland for 20 years. There is no official confirmation of this information at the moment, the nationality of the alleged offender is also not called.

It was later reported that clashes with local police and special forces officers began in the Irish capital as a result of the attack. The rioters set fire to one of the patrol cars, simultaneously firing flares at law enforcement officers.

On October 28, Musk said that Europe is moving towards civil war, commenting on a video on social networks in which a migrant woman burns the French flag.

Earlier, on October 11, Musk said that the EU could face a civil war over migration policy. Thus, he gave his assessment of the refugee situation in Europe.

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