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''I assure you that these videos have nothing to do with me''. Eduard Topchjan
17:24, 29.11.2023 |
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Dear friends, for two days I have been receiving messages from cybercriminals who use artificial intelligence to create defamatory videos about me.
I assure you that these videos have nothing to do with me.
Since I refused to enter into any deal with those cybercriminals, I do not rule out at all that these videos will be distributed or sent to my friends as private messages.
This cyber attack against me is aimed as financial blackmail in exchange for stopping the defamatory messages.
I am absolutely determined not to encourage cyber criminals. Having consulted with the best specialists in Armenia, I realized that unfortunately with today's opportunities in the cyber world, we all remain insecure and vulnerable.
Let me hope that this cyber attack will help us all unite against cybercriminals who try to make money by blackmailing honest and law-abiding people.

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