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House Republicans push to formalize Biden impeachment inquiry to compel testimony but lack the votes
12:25, 30.11.2023 |
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House Republicans are pushing to formalize their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, according to multiple senior GOP sources – a shift designed to strengthen their position against the White House and the president’s son, as the stakes for obtaining key documents and testimony reach a critical juncture. Up until this point, House Republicans have not had the votes to legitimize their inquiry, which former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy unilaterally launched in September, with a formal House vote – a clear sign that the conference has remained divided over whether the evidence exists to impeach the president. Republicans want to strengthen their subpoenas and standing in court as they stare down potential legal battles with the White House, which recently told Congress the inquiry lacks constitutional legitimacy without a formal vote, and Hunter Biden, who told Congress Tuesday he is willing to testify publicly in the House Oversight Committee’s inquiry into his actions instead of a private deposition.

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