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Euro 2024 draw ceremony interrupted by apparent sexual noises
23:24, 02.12.2023 |
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The draw ceremony for next year's Euro 2024 was disrupted by unexplained noises that competed for attention with the team names being read out on stage Saturday.

The interruption, which seemed to sound like sexual noises, was clearly heard for several minutes on the ceremony broadcast from a concert hall in Hamburg, Germany.

UEFA director of competitions Giorgio Marchetti noted the noise in his commentary before continuing with the draw for the last six places for lower-ranked teams in the 24-nation tournament lineup. The sound continued sporadically until the draw was completed.

Similar noises disrupted a BBC live broadcast of an English football game in January between Wolves and Liverpool, which turned out to be a prank use of a mobile phone next to the studio.

Euro 2024 will be staged between 10 German cities from June 14 to July 14, with the final taking place at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

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