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More than 22,000 strikes in Gaza since start of the war
22:36, 10.12.2023 |
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The Israel Defence Forces says it has carried out over 22,000 strikes in Gaza since the outbreak of its war against Hamas on 7 October. The enclave has been under near-constant bombardment, with Israel claiming to have only struck military targets.

The Hamas-led health ministry in Gaza says around 18,000 Palestinians have been killed since the war began, with Israel claiming these numbers are dramatically inflated.

The IDF said 3,500 of those 22,000 strikes have taken place since the week-long ceasefire agreement collapsed at the beginning of the month.

The strikes have caused widespread damage to infrastructure across the enclave, forcing some 1.9 million people to flee their homes, according to UN agencies.

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11:18, 24.02.2024
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