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The Pentagon is checking data on the involvement of US weapons in the attack on the Il-76
10:18, 26.01.2024 |
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Pentagon specialists began checking data on the use of American weapons in the attack on the Russian Il-76 aircraft shot down on January 24. This was announced at a briefing by Deputy Press Secretary of the US Secretary of Defense Sabrina Singh.

"This is the issue that we are studying, but I don't have any more information. We have seen these reports regarding responsibility, we are checking them," Singh said.

This is how she answered a journalist's question about whether the Pentagon has information about the use of American weapons sent to Ukraine to strike the Il-76.

At the same time, earlier, the deputy head of the press service of the US State Department, Vedant Patel, said that the United States was not involved in the incident with the downed plane in any way.

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12:00, 23.03.2024
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