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Thousands rally in Slovakia against government’s plan to close the special prosecutor’s office
10:54, 02.02.2024 |
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Mass street protests intensified Thursday across Slovakia against a plan by populist Prime Minister Robert Fico to amend the country’s penal code and eliminate the office of the special prosecutor that deals with major crime and corruption.

Thousands were rallying as the protests spread to 31 cities and towns across the country, up from two dozens last week. Rallies also took place abroad, where Slovaks live, such as the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Norway, Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg, organizers said.

The plan approved by Fico’s coalition government includes abolishing the special prosecutors’ office, which handles crimes such as graft, organized crime and extremism. Those cases would be taken over by prosecutors in regional offices, which have not handled such cases for 20 years.

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12:18, 20.05.2024
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