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Inside Putin's 'secret country house' on NATO's doorstep
17:18, 02.02.2024 |
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Vladimir Putin has built a secret luxury mansion boasting marble floors and a private waterfall in northwestern Russia's republic of Karelia, approximately 30 kilometers (9 miles) from the border with NATO-member Finland, according to an investigative site.

The Dossier Center, a project launched by Russian opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky, published drone footage on Monday which it said was filmed on the shore of Marjalahti Bay in Karelia. It said the Russian leader has "three modern-style houses, two helipads, several yacht piers, a trout farm, and a farm with cows for marbled beef production."

"Filming here is prohibited, but the Dossier Center received the most detailed video ever filmed in Vladimir Putin's residences," the investigative site said. Newsweek could not verify the authenticity of the Dossier Center's report and has contacted Russia's Foreign Ministry for comment by email.

The residence, which Putin reportedly frequents at least once a year, consists of three main buildings which are named the "Fisherman's Hut," the "Barn," and the "Garden House.""Vladimir Putin loves the Russian North. He is not bothered even by the proximity to 'unfriendly' Finland, just 30 kilometers from its border," said Rozhdestvensky, who noted that construction for the complex began over 10 years ago.

Inside Putin's 'secret country house' on NATO's doorstep
Inside Putin's 'secret country house' on NATO's doorstep
Inside Putin's 'secret country house' on NATO's doorstep
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