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Winston Churchill's denture was sold at auction for $22.7 thousand
16:06, 07.02.2024 |
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The denture, which belonged to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), went under the hammer for 18 thousand pounds ($22.7 thousand). This was reported by Sky News with reference to the auction house The Cotswold Auction Company, which held an auction on Tuesday in Cheltenham (Gloucestershire) in the west of England.

We are talking about a false jaw, which the politician used, among other things, when delivering the famous speech "We will fight on the beaches" on June 4, 1940. It was Churchill's second speech in the House of Commons of the British Parliament since Britain entered World War II. The total amount paid for the lot was more than twice the initial estimate (from 5 thousand to 8 thousand pounds).

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