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France's EDF shuts down two nuclear reactors after fire at Chinon plant
19:49, 10.02.2024 |
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Nuclear energy operator EDF has shut down two reactors at Chinon in western France after a fire in a non-nuclear sector of the plant in the early hours of Saturday, the company said.
The fire has been extinguished, it said.
"Production unit number 3 at the Chinon nuclear power plant has shut down automatically, in accordance with the reactor's safety and protection systems," EDF said in a statement, adding it also shut down reactor number 4, which is coupled to number 3.France's nuclear safety watchdog said in a separate statement the fire had led to an electricity cut at the plant that triggered the automatic shutdown.
Chinon is one of France's oldest nuclear plants.

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14:06, 08.04.2024
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