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Snoop Dogg's younger brother, music executive Bing Worthington, dies aged 441
22:18, 17.02.2024 |
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Snoop Dogg's younger half-brother Bing Worthington has died, the US rapper has said on Instagram.

Paying tribute, he posted a series of photos, including one of his sibling and their mum with the caption "bac wit momma", while in another he said "until we meet again".

Snoop Dogg also shared a video of himself with Worthington and others, along with a caption saying his brother "always made us laugh".

The 44-year-old died on Thursday, said the Orange County Sheriff's Department in California.

"The cause of death will be pending the results of the toxicology and autopsy report," NBC News, Sky News' US partner, said, quoting an email from Sergeant Frank Gonzalez.
Last month, the 52-year-old star's daughter, Cori Broadus, 24, suffered a severe stroke.

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