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,,This is only an agenda beneficial to Azerbaijan,,: “Tatoyan” foundation
00:48, 19.02.2024 |
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In the first picture, you will see the water of the Nerkin Handi River, which people of the village have to drink, to use for cooking and other household needs, because the drinking water sources of the village were occupied by Azerbaijan in from September 13, 2022.
In the 2nd and 3rd pictures, you will see the glass of the house a resident of Nerkin Hand damaged by the Azerbaijani shootings. The house is less than 100 meters away from the Azerbaijani position in a straight line.
In the situation, when people's safety is completely disrupted, houses, schools are under the Azerbaijani target in this specific case Nerkin Hand village of Kapan community in Syunik province, the Armenian government is investigating whether our military "violated the peace of the Azerbaijani soldiers". This is only an agenda beneficial to Azerbaijan.
We should not allow the ongoing crimes of the Azerbaijani authorities against our country and people to be forgotten and left out of international public agendas.

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