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French Parliament urged to impeach president Macron
09:30, 29.02.2024 |
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The leader of the Patriots far-right party, Florian Philippot, urged the French parliament to consider implementing an article in the French constitution that allowed President Emmanuel Macron to be removed from office.

The push comes after Macron made a statement about the possibility of France sending troops to Ukraine.
After a conference on Ukraine in Paris on Monday (26/2), Macron said Western leaders had discussed the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. However, even though the consensus was not reached, no possibility was put aside and they would do everything to prevent Russia's victory.

On Tuesday, February 27, reported by ANTARA from Sputnik, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal confirmed Macron's statement saying that France would not be able to "receive the possibility that one day Russia could win".

"You (French MPs) can also consider implementing Article 68 of our Constitution, which allows the president of the republic to be dismissed from office," Philippot wrote on social media platform X.

He also asked lawmakers to apply Article 35, which prevents France from declaring war without voting in parliament.
The politician also urged French citizens to organize a "peace pandemic" protest.

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12:18, 20.05.2024
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