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81-year-old Biden's bill of health
20:48, 29.02.2024 |
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President Joe Biden's annual physical revealed 'no new concerns' - but it shed more light on several health conditions suffered by the 81-year-old.

Dr Kevin O'Connor said the 'most notable' change in the past year concerned Biden's sleep apnea - a disorder the President has had for 16 years and which is associated with an increased risk of dementia.

The White House doctor said that last spring Biden began using of a mask that delivers pressurized air into the nose and mouth to make sure he breathes properly when he sleeps.

'We revisited the issue this past spring, and conducted a formal sleep study,' Dr O'Connor wrote in his summary. 'This study confirmed my suspicion that the President would benefit from optimizing his sleep efficiency with PAP [breathing device].'

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