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Macron says consensus is required for Putin to be invited to G20 summit
13:06, 29.03.2024 |
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French President Emmanuel Macron believes that all the members of the Group of 20 would have to agree in order to invite Russian leader Vladimir Putin to this year's G20 summit in Brazil.

Source: Macron at a joint press conference with Brazilian President Lula da Silva during his visit to the country, as reported by European Pravda, citing AFP

The French president said the meaning of the G20 is "that there must be consensus with the 19 others", adding that this should be done by "Brazilian diplomacy", since Brazil holds the presidency this year.
Macron also noted that if Putin's attendance at the summit could be "useful", it "must be done". He warned, however, that disagreements over the issue could scupper any Russian invitation.

Vladimir Putin skipped last year's G20 summit in the capital of India, avoiding possible political censure and any risk of arrest under an International Criminal Court warrant.

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