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70 kg of cannabis discovered at French mayor's home
22:18, 07.04.2024 |
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Authorities discovered around 70kg of cannabis at the home of Avallon (Yonne) mayor, Jamilah Habsaoui, during searches carried out as part of a legal operation on Sunday.

The drug trafficking operation was launched on Sunday in the town of Avallon, according to a gendarmerie source, adding that a series of searches had been carried out by the Avallon research brigade.

The action was part of "clearance" operations, said a source.

During one of these searches carried out at the mayor's home, at least 70 kg of cannabis were discovered, according to a source close to the investigation, confirming information from BFMTV.

The same source said a second search was underway at the mayor's workplace, adding that Ms. Habsaoui, also a regional advisor, would be placed in police custody following the searches.

The public prosecutor of Auxerre Hugues de Phily did not wish to communicate immediately, specifying that searches and hearings were ongoing.

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