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Hamas denies talks progress
14:06, 08.04.2024 |
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A senior Hamas official in Gaza denied progress in Cairo talks, telling Al-Jazeera news network that “so far there is no progress” and blaming Israel’s “intransigence․”

The official also affirmed that the Hamas delegation has left Cairo on Monday for consultations.

This came after the Egyptian media outlet Al-Qahera reported early Monday, citing a senior Egyptian official involved in the talks, that talks in Cairo have made “significant progress on several contentious points of agreement.”

The state-linked Al-Qahera reported that Qatari and Hamas delegations had left Cairo and were expected to return “within two days to finalize the terms of the agreement.”

In a statement issued Sunday evening, the Hamas Movement said its delegation had arrived in Cairo and met with Egypt’s Minister of Intelligence in Cairo Abbas Kamel.

During the meeting, Hamas reiterated the demands the Movement issued in a March 14 proposal prior to a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip that was passed on March 25.

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