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Turkey imposes export restrictions on Israel until Gaza ceasefire
19:18, 09.04.2024 |
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Turkey restricted exports of a wide range of products to Israel on Tuesday until a ceasefire is declared in Gaza, in Ankara's first significant measure against Israel after six months of war.
Israel said it would respond to the measures, which include curbs on exports of steel, fertilizer and jet fuel, with its own restrictions on products from Turkey.
Turkey has denounced Israel for its campaign on Gaza, which was launched following Palestinian militant group Hamas' Oct. 7 rampage. Ankara has called for an immediate ceasefire, supported steps to try Israel for genocide, and sent thousands of tons of aid for Gazans. However, Ankara also maintained commercial ties with Israel despite its strong rhetoric, prompting a domestic backlash. The trade restrictions, which come into force on Tuesday, follow Israel's rejection of a Turkish request to take part in an aid air-drop operation into Gaza.
The Trade Ministry said the measures would apply to the export of products from 54 different categories, including iron, marble, steel, cement, aluminium, brick, fertilizer, construction equipment and products, aviation fuel, and more."This decision will remain in place until Israel, under its obligations emanating from international law, urgently declares a ceasefire in Gaza and allows the unhindered flow of sufficient humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip," it said.
Responding to the measures, Israel's foreign minister said Turkey had "unilaterally violated" trade agreements with Israel.
Israel Katz said that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan "is again sacrificing the economic interests of the people of Turkey in order to support Hamas, and we will respond in kind".Shortly after the Israel-Hamas war started, Turkey and Israel withdrew their ambassadors while regularly trading barbs. Tuesday's move is the first significant measure taken by Ankara against Israel since the start of the conflict.
In recent weeks, Erdogan has faced growing criticism over his government's continuing commercial ties to Israel, prompting some anti-government protests and denting popular support.

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