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Bride dies at own wedding in freak tragedy in front of traumatised family
22:18, 17.04.2024 |
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A newlywed bride died at her own wedding reception in front of her traumatised family just hours after tying the knot.

Mum-of-five Elisangela Gazano lost her balance as she celebrated at a rented country house where she had organised a party for family and friends. The tragedy occurred on Sunday afternoon at a property in the city of Limeira in the eastern part of the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

State security officials confirmed non-swimmer Elisangela fell into a swimming pool by accident after losing her balance. One local report said she had been dancing by the water’s edge when she tripped and fell in. Other revellers tried to rescue her and called the emergency services, but she went into cardiac arrest as she was rushed to hospital.

Hours earlier 38-year-old Elisangela had posted a photo on social media, showing her signing paperwork in a white wedding dress after tying the knot with her partner. Well-wishers responded with congratulatory messages. Friend Flavia Silva said in a poignant goodbye message on social message after the drowning tragedy: “I met you over the last few days in the market and you were so happy that you were going to get married. Look how fate is a dream being fulfilled and on the same day without knowing that there would be a goodbye that there would be your departure.

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