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Ruben Vardanyan was allowed to call his family for the first time
09:36, 21.04.2024 |
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Following the family’s urgent appeal to the international community regarding his hunger strike, Ruben Vardanyan was allowed to call his family for the first time, after more than two weeks of incommunicado detention.
During the call, he mentioned that over this time he has been in full isolation, without access to even any reading materials. As far as we know, he only has his blood pressure measured and nothing else, which makes us even more concerned for his deteriorating health condition. At the end he said "I am now more convinced than ever before that values and principles are more important than even life itself"
We demand that Azerbaijan allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit him immediately to secure independent evidence of his well-being and ensure he is provided all proper medical attention during his hunger strike.
In addition, we reiterate Ruben’s demand for the immediate and unconditional release of the Armenian prisoners in Azerbaijan․

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12:18, 20.05.2024
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