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Statement of MFA of Armenia on the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
11:18, 24.04.2024 |
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On April 24, we commemorate and bow to the memory of the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide committed in the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.
Starting from 1915, as a result of the crimes against humanity committed by the government of the Young Turks around 1.5 million Armenians, including children, women and the elderly, were killed solely on the basis of their nationality, for being Armenian. Millions of Armenians were deprived of their property as well as historical, cultural and spiritual heritage.
This crime committed against the Armenians later became the basis for the definition of the international convention "On the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide". Unfortunately, despite the consequent efforts, the threat of genocide is still present in the world.
Already in the 21st century, in 2020-2023, we faced new manifestations and consequences of the policy of ethnic cleansing. More than 150,000 Armenians were forcibly displaced and forced to leave their historical homeland because of war, xenophobia, crimes based on identity, siege and consistent acts of intimidation against the population.
Taking into account the risks of genocide and cases the modern world witnessed, and many other examples of gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, Armenia continues its active involvement in international platforms in order to coordinate efforts in the fight against the crime of genocide, to prevent new genocides and crimes against humanity, and to protect the rights of victims.

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