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Cameron says UK supports Ukraine's right to use British weapons to strike inside Russia
10:48, 03.05.2024 |
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U.K. Foreign Secretary David Cameron pledged £3 billion ($3.74 billion) in annual military assistance to Ukraine, adding that it would continue "as long as it takes." He assured that London had no qualms about the possibility of the provided weaponry being utilized within Russian territory.

The visit follows the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s announcement that the U.K. will spend 2.5% of GDP on defense, and commit to at least £3 billion a year on military support to Ukraine.

"We will give three billion pounds every year for as long as is necessary. We've just really emptied all we can in terms of giving equipment," he said in an interview with Reuters on a visit to Kyiv.

"Some of that (equipment) is actually arriving in Ukraine today, while I'm here," Cameron said outside St. Michael's Cathedral in downtown Kyiv.

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