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Democratic leader Jeffries: "Pro-Putin faction" in GOP delayed Ukraine aid
23:06, 06.05.2024 |
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House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries said the United States must continue supporting Ukraine to prevent a broader war, and he blamed the delay in aiding the fight against Russia on a "pro-Putin faction" within the Republican Party.

"We can't let Ukraine fall because if it does, then there's a significant likelihood that America will have to get into the conflict — not simply with our money, but with our servicewomen and our servicemen," Jeffries said in an interview with Norah O'Donnell for 60 Minutes.

Jeffries explained that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to recreate the Soviet Union, and in doing so, will threaten NATO allies. Putin's invasion of neighboring Georgia did not stop there, Jeffries pointed out, nor did his takeover of Crimea in eastern Ukraine.

"Are we to believe that in the face of this kind of consistent aggression that if we allow Vladimir Putin to succeed in Ukraine that he's only going to stop in Ukraine? Of course not," Jeffries said.

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15:54, 28.06.2024
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