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US to ignore Putin's so-called inauguration but still consider him Russian president
09:30, 07.05.2024 |
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The United States will not send a representative to the so-called inauguration of Russian ruler Vladimir Putin on 7 May.

Source: US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller at a briefing on May 6, European Pravda reports

Details: When asked whether the United States would send a representative of the embassy to Putin's so-called inauguration, given that the ambassador is currently outside Moscow, Miller replied: "No, we will not have a representative at his inauguration".
He did, however, reiterate Washington's previous position that it would continue to recognise Vladimir Putin as Russia's president.

"We certainly did not consider those elections (in Russia – ed.) as free and fair, but he is the president of Russia and he is gonna continue in that capacity," the State Department spokesman explained.

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14:24, 05.07.2024
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