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Moscow condemns Berlin’s ban on symbols connected to Russia, Soviet Union
22:00, 08.05.2024 |
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Russia condemns Berlin’s decision to prohibit symbols connected to the Great Patriotic War, Russia and the USSR for May 8 and 9, calling for a withdrawal of the ban and an end to attempts to rewrite history, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a briefing.

"We condemn this sacrilegious decision from the Berlin authorities and call to repeal it as illegal, inhumane, naturally and historically wrong and criminal. We call to stop rewriting history, it cannot be rewritten," the diplomat underscored.

According to Zakharova, what is happening in Germany under the rule of the authorities "humiliates the German people, first and foremost."

"It humiliates the memory of the anti-fascists, it humiliates the memory of the victims who did not live to see victory and who bequeathed to preserve the memory about those times," she noted.

She called Germany’s decision to ban the symbols of the Victory "a most shameful page" in the republic’s history.

"They think that the Third Reich was their shameful page, but I would say: ‘this is rather more shameful, actually.’ Because back then, many did not understand or were zombified by Goebbels’ propaganda. Many were successfully convinced that this was a kind of right historical position. But, 80 years later, it is impossible not to see what was true and what was lies, what was good, and what was evil. And Germany’s choice today is even more criminal, in fact, much more criminal, than the choice Germany made 80 years ago," the spokeswoman added.

This year, the Berlin police banned Russian flags, banners, the Ribbon of St. George, military uniforms and its elements, ‘V’ and ‘Z' symbols and other symbols connected to the conflict in Ukraine. The ban also covers wartime marches and songs, "especially all versions of the ‘Sacred War’ song," flags with coats of arms of the USSR, Belarus, Chechnya, symbols connected to Crimea, the DPR, LPR, the Russian-controlled Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions. In addition, the police prohibited open "approval" of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

These restrictions will not cover members of diplomatic delegations and "other privileged persons." Wearing military uniforms or their elements, as well as the Ribbon of St. George, is allowed only for the WWII veterans. These rules will remain in effect from 6 AM on May 8 to 10 PM on May 9 at three Soviet memorials in Berlin - in Treptower Park, in Tiergarten and in Pankow. The Ribbon of St. George, the symbols of Russia are allowed only as a part of wreaths, flowers and other items for laying.

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