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Message of the Third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day
09:30, 09.05.2024 |
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We will yet again celebrate our triple holiday under our tricolor, we will jointly as a nation bring back our victories, we will restore the former glory of the Armenian Army, we will bring back the achievements of our all-national struggle squandered by the traitors if today we are able first of all to overcome internal apathy, destructive despair, and distrust toward our pan-national potential.

We will win again if we first of all LOVE our Fatherland, TRUST our abilities, HOPE that in our struggle against the evil GOD is with us and is our protector.

Nearly eighty years ago, in their fight against tyranny and xenophobia our fathers and grandfathers defeated the vicious evil – fascism; over thirty years ago in Artsakh my generation defeated Azerbaijani Armenophobia, barbarism, aggression.

We were defending our Homeland, our homes, our dignity, our God-given right to live as a free and independent people, and we prevailed.

Heroic deeds of the Great Patriotic War and Artsakh Liberation war will not be forgotten.

I bow to the memory of all heroes who put their lives on the altar of freedom of our Fatherland.

Eternal glory to our heroes.

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