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The US Senate called the adoption of the law on foreign agents a "black day of Georgian democracy"
11:00, 15.05.2024 |
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The adoption of the law on foreign agents by the Parliament of Georgia was a "black day for Georgian democracy." This is stated in a statement by 11 American senators from both parties. "This is a dark day for Georgian democracy. We are deeply disappointed with the adoption by the Georgian Parliament of a bill on foreign agents based on the Russian model. This vote was held in violation of the will of hundreds of thousands of Georgians who continue to peacefully protest against legislation that will not only be used to restrict freedom of speech, but will also hinder the development of democracy in Georgia," the statement said. The senators believe that the adoption of this law "will fundamentally change Georgia's relations with the United States and damage its desire for EU membership."

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14:24, 05.07.2024
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