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EFES: Swiss and german health guarantees already available in Armenia
19:30, 30.05.2024 |
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EFES Insurance Company continues its activities by concluding significant international contracts that made international medical achievements financially and technologically available for our population.

On 29 May, the EFES Insurance Company Board Meeting was finalized at the Conference Hall of Armenia Marriott Hotel. Among other issues, new health insurance products were approved during the Board Meeting as well.

The participants to the meeting were:

1. Giorgio Callegari, Chairman of the Board;

2. Board Members Masis Vardanyan, Mkhitar Melik-Shahnazaryan, Tigran Pinajyan, Vardan Aramyan;

3. Davy Khechinashvili, invited participant;

4. Arevshat Meliksetyan, Company’s Chief Executive Officer, as well as other representatives of senior management.

''I am happy that the launch of the activities of the renewed EFES was marked with contracts of such a particular significance, which, to my mind, brings Armenia closer to the European life standards'', noted Giorgio Callegari.

''I congratulate my friends, the EFES staff and its customers on the occasion of bringing these insurance services to Armenia. I must say that similar services are provided by the leading Georgian insurance companies which are in great demand. Taking into consideration that our peoples have like-minded mentality, I am sure that the program will have a success in Armenia as well'', shared his thoughts Davy Khechinashvili, an international expert in insurance (Chairman of the Georgian Insurers Association).

''Merely 22 years of business-like and personal relationships, 4 institutеs of higher education, 18 business trips, numerous letters and Swiss Re and Allianz give us the right to sign on their behalf'', joked Arevshat Meliksetyan.

Being a full member and representative of the international insurance system, the Company presents the following new products jointly with its partner reinsurance companies:

Oncocare with MSO (Medical Second Opinion)

Insurance against oncology diseases, as well as provision of Second Opinion

EFES: Swiss and german health guarantees already available in Armenia
Under the auspices of the renowned reinsurance company Swiss Re, a new product was developed jointly with Mediguide, the US Company specialized in the provision of medical second opinion; the product provides financial reimbursement in case of cancer diagnosis, as well as provides a second professional medical opinion on the prescribed treatment, diagnosis, or examination results. In case of diagnosis with oncology disease, 10 000 – 60 000 Euros is provided as a lump sum reimbursement in exchange for a monthly insurance premium starting from 2 900 AMD.

International Health International package of health insurance

EFES: Swiss and german health guarantees already available in Armenia
EFES Insurance Company jointly with the German Allianz Insurance Company presents a health insurance package of a new level for individuals and families, that operates both in specific regions and worldwide; in exchange for a monthly insurance premium starting from 47 000 AMD it provides a cover of 2 000 000 Euros in almost all the health areas, starting from the annual medical check-up to treatment of oncology diseases.

The sale of new services is to be launched from the 1st of July, and prior to that date the Company accepts preliminary orders.

Besides the foregoing new products, the Company offers all the types of traditional voluntary insurance in the market, both to natural and legal persons, starting from health insurance to insurance of cyber liability. All the products, from the perspective of the insurance cover itself and the scope of the services contained in them, have something new to offer.

EFES Insurance CJSC

EFES: Swiss and german health guarantees already available in Armenia

EFES Insurance Company was licensed on 25 July 2023 for non-life insurance and reinsurance classes. The charter capital makes 2,5 billion AMD. In the 1st quarter of 2024, the Company collected more than 5 billion AMD of insurance premiums which makes 23% of Armenia’s overall insurance market or 44% of the voluntary insurance market. The company conducts its business with the motto ''IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU'' putting in the center of its strategic development the services individually tailored for each and every customer.

The Company’s doors are open for customers at its head office at 11 Zarobyan St. (entrance from 20 Baghramyan Ave.); the Company offers its online services via web-site.

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