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Biden says Putin 'not going to stop at Ukraine'
12:36, 09.06.2024 |
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President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday projected political solidarity on the wars in Ukraine and Israel, amid persistent strain on the international community’s approach to both conflicts.

Macron first thanked Biden for the U.S. playing a “critical role” in helping Ukraine fend off Russia’s invasion. He also expressed support for the peace proposal Biden has outlined for the war in Gaza.

Biden then spoke of the unbreakable bond between America and France and welcomed the news from earlier in the day that four Israeli hostages had been freed. He also touted the $61 billion defense aid package for Ukraine that Congress passed after months of wrangling and reaffirmed America’s commitment to the war effort.
“You know Putin’s not going to stop at Ukraine. All of Europe will be threatened. The United States is not going to let that happen ... we will not walk away,” said Biden.ks.

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