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Von der Leyen says ‘centre is holding’ as far right surges in EU elections
10:00, 10.06.2024 |
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Amid a surge in support for the far-right in countries including France and Germany, the European centre-right’s candidate declared “the centre is holding”– but also warned “the world around us is in turmoil.”

Speaking to reporters at the European parliament late Sunday as election results were coming in, Ursula von der Leyen said “today is a good day for the European People’s party.”

The EPP is set to take 189 seats in the European parliament, according to the latest projections, followed by the Socialists and Democrats with 135 and Renew Europe with 83.

But the European Conservatives and Reformists group, which includes parties such as Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, is projected to take 72 seats and the far-right Identity and Democracy 58.

“We won the European elections,” von der Leyen declared. “This election has given us two messages,” she said, adding:

First, there remains a majority in the centre for a strong Europe, and that is crucial for stability. In other words, the centre is holding.

But it is also true that the extremes on the left and on the right have gained support, and this is why the result comes with great responsibility for the parties in the centre. We may differ on individual points, but we all have an interest in stability, and we all want a strong and effective Europe.
The lead candidate also said that she wants to continue working “with those who are pro-European, pro-Ukraine, pro-rule of law.”

Von der Leyen, who is the current European Commission president and aims to serve a second term, warned that “of course this election does not take place in a vacuum.”

“The world around us is in turmoil. Forces from the outside and from the inside are trying to destabilise our societies, and they are trying to weaken Europe. We will never let that happen,” she said.

“These election results show that the majority of Europeans want a strong Europe,” she concluded.

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