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The message of the Human Rights Defender Anahit Manasyan on the occasion of World Refugee Day
11:18, 20.06.2024 |
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"On June 20, the whole world celebrates World Refugee Day.
The protection of the rights of asylum seekers and refugees is one of the most important directions of the activities of the Human Rights Defender of RA, which is carried out both through daily activities, as well as through annual reports and special reports, in cooperation with international and domestic structures, by raising awareness and raising sector issues in other formats. In this context, the protection of the rights of forcibly displaced people from Nagorno- Karabakh is very important.
The Human Rights Defender is personally involved in the work of protecting the rights of forcibly displaced persons and constantly raises the relevant issues in the framework of communication both with international partners and competent state authorities.
It should be noted with deep pain that the number of refugees in the modern era is growing. Moreover, in 2023, the entire ethnic Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh became a victim of various manifestations of ill-treatment and was forcibly displaced as a result of Azerbaijani operations.
Considering the above-mentioned, the review and improvement of the structures for the protection of rights in the mentioned field is on the agenda. In this context, the authorized bodies should make serious efforts in ensuring the rule of law, protecting the rights of forcibly displaced persons, asylum seekers and refugees and restoring violated rights, carrying out awareness activities, and unhindered implementation of obligations assumed by international legal documents.
State bodies, civil society, national and international structures dealing with human rights protection must unite around the idea to completely guarantee all the rights arising from their status for forcibly displaced persons, asylum seekers and refugees".

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13:30, 22.07.2024
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