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Head of the Department for Bilateral Cooperation with CIS Countries S.Molunov meets Charge d'Affaires of Armenia
19:36, 21.06.2024 |
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On June 21, 2024 the Head of the Department for Bilateral Cooperation with CIS Countries, Sergei Molunov, met at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus with the Charge d'Affaires of the Republic of Armenia in the Republic of Belarus, Narek Tiraturyan. The diplomats discussed a number of topical issues of the bilateral relations, prospects for trade and economic cooperation and interaction in joint integration structures. A corresponding note verbale of the Belarusian side was handed over to the Armenian diplomat. The sides touched upon the humanitarian issues and emphasized the long-standing friendly ties between the people of two countries. On the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus the weighty contribution of the Armenian soldiers to the liberation of our country from the Nazi invaders was noted.

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15:36, 11.07.2024
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