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How To Withdraw Money From To Bank Account?
15:29, 22.09.2022
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Do you want to explore how to withdraw money from to your bank account? If yes, then here this article can give you a better idea. In general, you may have invested in Ethereum, bitcoin, or some other cryptocurrencies. Even you may earn money out of such investments. But everyone has a question: How To Withdraw Money From To Bank Account?

As people have never used the crypto exchange before, so they have such questions in their minds. They are wondering if withdrawing is possible through such an option. When you want to withdraw money to your bank account, you must do some work on the app. Here this article lets you do it securely and safely.

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Procedure to withdraw money from to bank account:

Check out below to know how to withdraw money from to a bank account:

Login to the account

First, you have a login to the official account. It is the initial procedure of withdrawing money from to the bank account. You must find the right official account instead of any random one.

Set up the fiat wallet

Then you have to set up the fiat wallet. You have to go to accounts in the navigation bar and then click the fiat wallet options. Then you have to click "+ Set Up New Currency."

Sell the crypto

Now you have to start exchanging the cryptocurrency for the preferred currency after creating the fiat wallet. Choose to sell crypto by clicking the fiat wallet option. After choosing the cryptocurrency, you want to convert to money, click the cash option.

Start the USD withdrawal request

When you have finished everything, you have to return to the home page of Then select the transfer option. After that, click withdraw and then choose fiat.

Add the bank account

When you have not set up the bank account, you can link it by choosing the preferred one and then log in with the online bank credentials.

Complete the withdrawal request

Then complete the withdrawal request by clicking confirm option. Then the app will update the status.

Wait for the money

Within 3 to 5 days, you will get the money in your bank account. You will get a message once the money is deposited in your account.


From the scenario mentioned above, now you have the idea of how to withdraw money from to a bank account. So without further delay, you can now start withdrawing money from to your bank account.

Author: Anamika
The article published in the Spokesperson project.
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