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What is Xylene? Effect of Xylene Solvent in life
13:29, 29.09.2022
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What is Xylene?

Xylene solvent is a transparent liquid and color. Is an organic and volatile hydrocarbon.

Xylene chemicals are used in many industrial fields including medicine, pharmaceuticals and industries requiring solvents

Xylene is used as a solvent in most industrial companies, as a cleaning ingredient, for dissolving other compounds. Mainly used in the production of polyester, acrylic resin, printing, .

It is transliterated after xilong, from the Greek word xy-long for "wood", because Xylene is extracted from raw wood.

CTHH of Xylene Solvent is C8H10, or more specifically C6H4 (CH3) 2.

other names for Xylene Chemical are dimethyl benzene, methyl toluene, xylol and xylene. The structure of Chemical Xylene consists of two groups -CH3 attached to a six-carbon ring.

Xylene isomers

Xylene possesses three major isomers known as ortho-xylene m-xylene and para-xylene.

Another name for xylene and its isomers


(Another name)


(Another name)


(Another name)

p-Dimethylbenzene o-Dimethylbenzene m-Dimethylbenzene
p-Xylol o-Xylol m-Xylol
pMethyltoluene o-Methyltoluene m-Methyltoluene
1, 4-Dimethylbenzene 1, 2-Dimethylbenzene 1, 3-Dimethylbenzene
para-Xylene ortho-Xylene meta-Xylene
NSC 72419 NSC 60920 NSC 61769
1, 4-Xylene 1, 2-Xylene 1, 3-Xylene

m-xylene is a staple of xylene . Para-xylene uses mainly with some polymer industrial uses.

some properties of Xylene

Physical Essence

Features o-xylene m-xylene p-xylene
Weight 106.16 g/mol 106.16 g/mol 106.16 g/mol
Boiling Point 144 °C 138 °C 139 °C
Melting Point -47.4 °C -47.87 °C -47.4 °C
Flash point 17 °C 25 °C 25 °C
Specific gravity 0.88 g/mL 0.86 g/mL 0.86g/mL

Xylene is insoluble in water, soluble in ester solvents. They are heavier than acetone but lighter than water so they will float on water. It is flammable at room temperature.

Xylene is heavier than air. It is a volatile liquid element. The sweet but unpleasant aroma of xylene serves as a foreshadowing of its toxicity.

why is Xylene banned in the essential oil industry?

Musk Xylol or Musk Xylol is widely used in perfumery composition. However, when it was discovered its toxins harm human health. Musk silo seems to be banned from use in many countries due to IFRA (International Cosmetic Association) regulations.

The chemical Xylene can react with acids and is a strong oxidizing agent.

Effect of Xylene Solvent

Xylene solvent is one of the solvents extracted from petroleum. With a variety of uses for xylene, either in its pure state or as compounds. It is used in a variety of industrial applications as well as in dentistry and medicine.

In the lab

In histology, xylene is specialized in the processing and staining of histocytes. These tissue cells can then be used microscopy. This assists the histopathologist to examine the tissues for signs of disease.

In the industrial sector

One of the indispensable uses of xylene is as a lubricant, and it is specifically used in hydraulic oils.

Xylene's good solubility is used in printing, manufacturing rubber products and bleaching leather fabrics and sandals.

Xylene is an indispensable ingredient in the paint industry and an effective paint thinner. Polishes, waxes, antifreeze, binder solubilizers, even gasoline and cigarettes.

Xylene is used in some glues. Xylene is also used in the preparation of cleaning ingredients.

additional uses of xylene include its addition to insecticides and disinfectants.

Is Xylene a cheap paint thinner?

If you need an effective solvent to dilute or remove paint, you can use xylene. To clean paint with xylene safely, choose a place away from a safe heat source and in a well-ventilated area.

Is Acetone a substitute for Chemical Xylene?

The molecular formula of xylene is CH, while the chemical formula of acetone is CHCO. Xylene and acetone are two different solvents, in which xylene is the more expensive solvent. Acetone is the more common chemical.

Xylene chemical with possibility to be used in lacquer thinner?

Xylene chemical has the ability to dilute many types of epoxy, adhesives, antirust agents, and xylene synthetic enamels. In addition to removing some adhesives, Xylene is also ideal for cleaning vehicles and objects after use.

Can organizations clean Epoxy Paint with Xylene?

Epoxy has the potential to bleach or discolor due to the methanol group and other paint thinners. The lower option is to look to ethanol instead of Xylene to remove epoxy from wood or concrete.

What is the use of Xylene in the paint industry?

Xylene has the ability to clean many Xylene surface samples such as grease, plastic, enamel and glue stains.

Comparison with other paint thinners, such as toluene. This solvent has several strengths.

In addition to cleaning some adhesive elements, Xylene Chemical is also the perfect solvent to clean tools and items after use

Para-xylene has many uses

P-xylene is one of three isomers of xylene. It has the ability to be produced by crystallization and adsorption.

The application of paraxylene as an input to the extraction of several other solvents. 1 One of the indispensable applications of paraxylene is in the production of polymers.

This makes para-xylene important in the production of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET.

Paraxylene is specialized in industry to make terephthalic acid, or TPA and dimethyl-terephthalate, or DMT. These three substances are then applied for production to meet PET.

PET is a staple in various lines of fibers and films. It is known to be a major ingredient in plastic bottles, detergent bottles, bottles for various household cleaning ingredients and makeup.

1 of the uses of para Xylene solvent include the synthesis of PTA, it is also specialized in the production of cyclohexanedimethanol to serve other compounds such as terephthaloyl chloride to diversify other polymer resins. .

The versatility and versatility of Xylene para Chemicals ensure its specialized demand in the market.

Uses of p-xylene-2-sulfonic acid

p-xylene-2-sulfonic acid, also known as 2, 5-Dimethylbenzenesulfonic acid, is a sulfur compound containing xylene. It is listed as a sulfonic acid and listed as a toxic substance.

p-xylene-2-sulfonic acid is soluble in ethanol. It is prepared as a white crystalline powder. There are not many universal applications for p-xylene-2-sulfonic acid.

p-xylene-2-sulfonic acid is primarily used as a reagent for the determination of serum cholesterol concentrations.

Some notes when using Xylene Chemicals safely

while xylene is specialized for many purposes and specialized in many industrial fields. It also comes with its own risks for those who work closely with this chemical.

Children are more affected by Xylene than adults, So meticulous characterization is required to prevent their exposure.

primary risks of xylene exposure include effects by inhalation or contact with skin or eyes.

Xylene is not classified as a carcinogen. It is considered a central nervous system depressive factor. Which means it slows down the central nervous system.

Inhaling Xylene Chemical with the potential to cause dizziness, nausea, false death, headache and even vomiting.

Vision impairment can also be caused by xylene exposure. Other dangerous symptoms may include cardiac arrhythmias and pulmonary edema.

Although it is not yet clear how Xylene causes toxicity in the body, technicians think it is likely due to its solubility in high fat stuff.

By this way, it has the ability to dissolve lipids in nerve cell membranes, and as a result has the ability to adversely affect neuronal proteins.

Xylene is also a risk to the skin and eyes and is considered a skin irritant. The skin quickly absorbs Xylene through the osmotic process.

Because xylene is very effective at removing fatty elements. Any contact with the skin will have the same effect. This with the potential to lead to dryness, cracking and dermatitis.

If xylene comes into contact with the eyes, it has the potential to damage the cornea. It is important to wear safety goggles when carrying xylene.

Any oral ingestion should be rushed to a medical facility.

Long exposure to xylene leads to greater risk. Even smelling it has the ability to affect indispensable organs. The cheapest security controls anyone can afford to Xylene Solvent are to use working in a properly ventilated environment.

Gas mask when needed; and wear suitable eye protection, gloves, protective clothing and apron.

The unfortunate victim must be removed from the contaminated area and seek medical assistance. Because xylene is heavier than air, it has the ability to inhabit low-lying, low-lying areas close to the ground.

therefore, the infected person should be moved out of the areas near the infected place

in addition, any xylene vapor trapped in clothing has the potential to affect humans.

Employees who regularly carry xylene should have regular medical check-ups and status monitoring.

xylene supplier in HCMC?

Xylene price quotation in Da Nang
buy xylene chemicals in Binh Duong price quotes for xylene in HCMC buy xylene in Vung Tau

QuangTrungChem is currently an import supplier & distribute genuine malaysia imported xylene with full customs papers. If you have a need to quote xylene chemicals at wholesale prices & retail in provinces such as Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote and consultation.

There are 2 main types of xylene in the Vietnamese market today: industrial xylene and pure xylene used for drug production and laboratories

1. Specification for 98% pure Xylene chemical at 20 oC provided by Quang Trung Alcohol:

Test (GC): 98.89% Water: 0.02%
P-xylene achieved: 22.02% Benzene content: «0.01%
M-xylene achieved: 46.67% Toluene content: «0.01%
O-xylene: 13.73% Total C9 aromatics: «0.01%
Etyl Benzene: 17.47% Not flavoring: «0.04%
Residual after evaporation: «10 ppm Boiling Range: 138.9-140.7
Sulfur compound residue: «1 ppm Specific gravity @ 15.56C: 0.871

2. The best xylene chemical used in industry that Quang TrungChem distributes, which is imported directly from Malaysia, has the following ingredients:

  • m-xylene (40–65%) ;
  • p-xylene (20%) ;
  • o-xylene (20%) and ethyl benzene (6-20%) ;
  • The impurities toluene, trimethyl benzene, phenol, thiophene, pyridine and hydrogen sulfide account for 0.3-0.5%
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