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Yerevan is going to use solar energy
01:07, 01.08.2019

Next year, Yerevan Municipality, in association with the EU is going to launch the program of installation of solar panels on the roofs of 90 buildings. 50 buildings instead of provided 45 ones will be included in the first stage of the program.

"The energy generated with the use of special solar photovoltaic systems will be used for the energy supply of the common facilities of buildings (lighting of staircases and yard areas, as well as energy supply of elevators) . Within the framework of the program, the lighting of these areas will be provided with LED lamps", said the head of the Department of Development and Investment Programs of Yerevan Municipality Tigran Sargsyan.

The issue of seismic safety and occupancy of buildings included in the program was considered. The occupancy should be no less than 75-80%. The number of floors (9-14), presence flat renovated roofs were taken into consideration too. An important component of building selection is the social component including the presence of needy families in the buildings.

The "Yerevan: Solar community" program is of both energetic, social and ecological significance for the city. Owing to this project the total expected volume of CO2 emissions is 850 tons per year.

"Yerevan has joined the "Covenant of Mayors" initiative and within its powers undertook the responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% till 2020", noted the representative of the section of International aid/Cooperation of the EU delegation to Armenia Andrea Baggioli.

The coordination council of "EU4 Yerevan: Solar Community" project has already discussed and affirmed the technical issues related to launching the program.

"The system will serve the residents for no less than 25 years. As a result, we will have renewable sources of energy in the city", added Tigran Sargsyan.

Currently, the program is on the stage of a tender. All interested companies can get information on the terms of the tender and take part in it.

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