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01:42, 10.09.2019

Even if your wardrobe is fully equipped for the next season, to gain the status of a stylish person, it must also be full of relevant accessories of 2019 jewelry trends.


This trend is one of the long-lasting ones and most reliable. Ring earrings have found their place among fashionable hits, if not always, then very often. And in the last 2 seasons, they completely captured the pedestal.

Taking advantage of the leader’s reputation, the rings are becoming more visible in the design, so smooth, modest small rings can be put aside. Now they have a more interesting design than just polished metal.

On the catwalks, you can see both longline rings and rings with additional decor. But in everyday life, we can choose a recognizable laconic form with relief letterings.


In a chain fashion, it would not be surprising if we were only talking about neck jewelry, but this time we are talking about earrings. Long chains, sometimes reaching to the shoulder and even lower, were shown first by young ambitious designers, and then large houses quickly picked up their ideas.

Not everyone is ready to appear in too conspicuous earrings every day, and chains are a good compromise between a spectacular design and moderation. You can choose a very simple option, but for greater relevance, add to it at least a small decorative element, for example, a neat pendant.


However, not all chains migrated to the ears: many remained in their original place – on the neck. Thin and elegant, they are still relevant (we have not yet rested from the trend of large necklaces), and now they are worn not only as of the basis for the cross but also as a completely independent decoration.

But so that thin gold is not lost against the background of the kit, it is better to wear several chains at once – of different lengths, of course. If you’re embarrassed to wear several pieces of jewelry together, take one necklace based on a chain with an interesting element.


Since everything is unusual in fashion, the design of familiar things is also changing to surprise us. And even traditional-looking ornaments get a new reading.

Now it is customary to put on two rings on one phalanx, on a ring on different phalanges of one finger, and even the thumb traditionally deprived of rings is now customary to decorate (just take a larger size) .

And also designers surprise us with connected rings (say, using chains) and, conversely, disconnected open models. It’s time to buy a bigger jewely box – there is something to fill it with.

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